Zealot Hockey


Zealot Hockey is a free-to-play, fast-paced, 4 vs 4 arcade game within Blizzard’s Starcraft 2.

Created by Leeroy with developers: Reputed, themusic, and Crush.

With heavy action, team-oriented play, and a high skill gap, Zealot Hockey quickly became a fan favorite among arcade enthusiasts. Over the years, the community has grown and evolved, eventually creating the Zealot Hockey League: a full fledged online sports league complete with teams, drafts, playoffs, and championship.








EUDLS7 Draft

The draft order has been decided! Draft is scheduled for Nov 26th after ZHCL finals. The finals will most likely...

EUDLS7 – Signups

Signups are OPEN! To find out more take a look at the forumpost or come talk to us in Discord!

EUDLS6 Play-offs

The schedule has finally been released! Check it out on the Eventtab of the Official Zealot Hockey Channel or in...

ZHL/ZHPL Season 11 Draft, Saturday Oct 7th 2pm EST!

It’s time for the owners to make some decisions! Follow the draft live on twitch! ZHL: Sleek, Ruckle, IspyGecko, Shaftman,...

EUDLS6 Play-offs news!

Probe play-offs will be played Sunday Oct 8th and Sunday Oct 15th. The probe eligibility requirement has been reduced to...