Season 9 Punishment: Blockade

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Season 9 Punishment: Blockade

Post by Blitz » Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:49 am

Blockade was deemed (by me personally) as a smurf to the Season 9 Management. I put a restriction on his signup forcing him to clear his name in order to be permitted to play during Season 9. Upon doing so he proceeded to post on the forums, where he was found using a Speedify VPN to Virginia. Already knowing that this person was almost definitely a smurf at this point, he was given an ultimatum to post on the forums in the next five minutes without a VPN or he would be banned. Upon this request Blockade refused, claiming that it was completely unfair to ask this, and his very last words before accepting defeat were "Hf with mt". Soon after this little tantrum took place, a specific someone signed up; however, the Season 9 management has zero proof of who Blockade was/is. *Smurfing is unacceptable and will be dealt with the highest form of punishment. To all of you who were tricked and lied to, sticking up for him, I understand I did that with Recurve / Gandalf. Make sure you trust who you stick your neck up for, you never know what might happen.

Because of this, Blockade has been permanently banned from The Zealot Hockey League / Zealot Hockey Probe League. We may not have found the true culprit; however, hopefully this will serve as a reminder that if you plan to smurf in my league, you better be damn good at it.

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