S13 Ruling #1

Due to felonry Cubs has been given a two game probe ban.

Trade Announcement #1 Season 13

ZHPL Mar Sara Hazards trades Cubs to Braxis Bluefins for Luffy.

ZHPL Season 13 Draft

The ZHPL draft starts 8:00pm EST! Watch the probe owners Adonis, Shaftman, Spruance, SidtheKid, KimJongSkill and ElTaco make their picks...

ZHL Season 13 Draft

Only 1 hour left! The ZHL Season 13 draft starts 7:30pm EST! Follow it live on twitch!   The ZHPL...

Unknown players / Suspected smurfs

The league management has decided to black out a number of unknown players on the signup sheet. If you see...

S13 registrations ending in 1 week

s13 signups are still live and will be closing on July 8th at 12AM EST so be sure to sign...

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