Zealot Hockey


Zealot Hockey is a free-to-play, fast-paced, 4 vs 4 arcade game within Blizzard’s Starcraft 2.

Created by Leeroy with developers: Reputed, themusic, and Crush.

With heavy action, team-oriented play, and a high skill gap, Zealot Hockey quickly became a fan favorite among arcade enthusiasts. Over the years, the community has grown and evolved, eventually creating the Zealot Hockey League: a full fledged online sports league complete with teams, drafts, playoffs, and championship.








EUDLS7 – Signups

Signups are OPEN! To find out more take a look at the forumpost or come talk to us in Discord!

EUDLS6 Play-offs

The schedule has finally been released! Check it out on the Eventtab of the Official Zealot Hockey Channel or in...

ZHL/ZHPL Season 11 Draft, Saturday Oct 7th 2pm EST!

It’s time for the owners to make some decisions! Follow the draft live on twitch! ZHL: Sleek, Ruckle, IspyGecko, Shaftman,...

EUDLS6 Play-offs news!

Probe play-offs will be played Sunday Oct 8th and Sunday Oct 15th. The probe eligibility requirement has been reduced to...

[EU] Swedish Open – 1v1 and 2v2 Redline Championships

Co-hosted by SwedishDoll and TownKrier! 1v1 Tournament – Sunday November 12th, 4-9pm CET (10am-3pm EST) 2v2 Tournament – Sunday November...