ZHL (Zealot Hockey League) Rules

League Name: Zealot Hockey League

Season: 9

League Commissioner: Blitzerg

Vice Commissioner: Stealth

League Managers: Swift, Sly, Meepomart

Owners:  Watermelon, Swift, Mets, Perplex, MrAlerteyes, Stealth, Nova, Tenkz, Bizarro, Shaftman, Blitzerg

Section I: Teams and League Schedule

  • The number of teams will be determined by the Commissioner based upon registration total.
    • Currently: 8 Teams in one conference.
  • Previous team names will be recycled, but Owners will have the option of requesting a change. Requests will be considered and decided upon by the Commissioner.
    • Team location must be a canon StarCraft location.
  • Players will be drafted onto Teams by a draft. Players may only play for the Team for which they are drafted.
  • There is no maximum roster size.
  • No player may be dropped from a team roster for any reason.
  • The length of the schedule is determined by the League Commissioner.
    • Currently: 14 matches per Team.
  • A ZHL match consists of one home game and one away game in an one-hour time block.


  • ZHL Teams will be limited to 2 regular reschedules, and 2 flex reschedules, whereas ZHPL teams have 3 regular reschedules and 0 flex reschedules during the Regular Season.
  • Must be approved by a league official prior to 4 hours of the game start time.
  • If over a previously scheduled time slot, the replay must be saved and casted at the next available time.
  • Agreements must be made public via the Forums.
  • This is how reschedules work:
    • Flexible reschedules can be scheduled to any time and date, including nonstandard ZHL times or concurrent to ongoing ZHL games. A flex reschedule is for one double header game, meaning that a team may reschedule either an away game or a home game within a double header, not both games within the same double header. a flexible reschedule. You must submit screenshots / replays for the flexible reschedule to League Managers. Failure to do so results in forfeit.
    • Regular reschedules are for a full game slot rather than half of a game slot. For probe you simply reschedule a single game to another time with approval. In ZHL a regular reschedule is used for an entire double header, and must have an agreed upon time before the 4 hour deadline.
  • Playoff Reschedules will be allowed under the following circumstances.
    • They are rescheduled to the Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before/after the scheduled date.
    • They have to be scheduled at a standard ZHL time (6pm-10pm).
    • Must have Commissioner approval.

Section II: Owners and League Management

The League Commissioner has the following responsibilities/powers:

  • May remain League Commissioner until a time at which he/she wishes to relinquish power or is impeached.
  • Must assign between 3 to 8 League Managers (LM) to rule on issues in his/her place if he/she is absent or if he/she recognizes a large enough bias for a ruling.
  • Can select a Vice Commissioner to take over the duties of the Commissioner position when absent or there is a potential conflict of interests.
  • Must select the Owners for the season. Eligible candidates should indicate their interest in Ownership on the google form.
  • Has the ability to initiate a “League Vote” on issues, without approval.
  • Has the ability to remove Owners from power, if he/she decides that an Owner is acting against the interests of his/her team or the league.
  • Reserves the right to exercise emergency powers and make changes to the rulebook in the best interests of the league if he and at least 3 League Managers agree with the change. If a majority of the Owners and League Managers combined (more than 50% vote) disagree with a change made in emergency circumstances, the change will be revoked.

A League Manager has the following responsibilities/powers:

  • Make rulings based on his/her best interpretation of the rule book when needed and when he/she is not involved with the situation.
  • Advise the Commissioner to his/her best ability on rulings and decisions for the benefit of the league.
  • Vote in “League Vote” decisions.
  • Complete tasks appointed by the League Commissioner.

Owners have the following responsibilities/powers:

  • Will be in charge of drafting players to form their teams for the first 6 rounds of the Draft.
  • Has final authority on the starting lineup for their teams when present.
  • Mandatory designation of 1-2 Captains, at least one for ZHL.
  • Emergency Free Agent signing privileges.

Team Captains have the following rights:

  • Creating the starting lineup for their teams when present.
  • Act as leader of his/her Team during Owner’s absence.
  • Emergency Free Agent signing privileges.

Transfer of Ownership:

  • If a player within a team wishes to take over as Owner, the current Owner and the Commissioner must both agree to the change. If no agreement between the two can be reached, the Ownership transfer will not occur.
  • If no player on the roster wants Ownership, and the current Owner wants to relinquish control, the new replacement Owner will be chosen by the Commissioner.
  • Any owners who relinquish control will be ineligible to play any more games, in any position, for the remainder of the Season.
  • If an Owner goes out of contact with his team Captains and the League Commissioner for more than 1 week without prior notification of the absence to League Management, the League Commissioner has the right to grant a Captain of the team the role of General Manager.

General Managers have the following rights:

  • Allowed to reschedule games.
  • Emergency Free Agent signing privileges.

Section III: Punishments & Procedures

League Vote:

  • The League Commissioner and League Managers will vote for or against a League Vote decision, majority wins.
    • In the event of a tie in votes, the League Commissioner’s vote wins.
  • Any League Vote that is passed by the League Office, must have sufficient evidence cited in an explanation document written by the League Office, made public via the forums.
  • League Votes can only be brought up by the League Commissioner or 3 League Managers.
  • League Votes are required for all subjective rules.
  • In case of emergencies (game time events), only a majority of all available League Officials will be needed, to expedite this process.
  • A League Vote concludes after 48 hours, after which votes will be invalid.
  • League votes will be cast privately.


  • Smurfing (Following season ban and rest of current season, by default (can be overruled by LM vote if needed))
  • Malicious team activity (Any game amount)
  • Unsportsmanlike Activity – (Excessive BM, Macro, Autoclicker)
    • The use of any mechanic which automatically performs a function that is otherwise exclusively and directly performed by a player’s body, as intended by developers of the game.
    • The malicious use of any mechanic which increases latency for other players.
    • The use of any mechanic which performs an action that is otherwise impossible to execute.
  • Bitch-Walking (1 game)
  • All punishments must pass the League Vote process.
  • In the event of repeat offenders, game bans may exceed the ranges listed above.


  • For a forfeited game, the winning team receives a rounded goals for based on their average at the time, and the losing team receives 0 goals.
    • All retroactive forfeits must pass the League Vote process.

Section IV: Pre-Draft Player Registration

  • All potential Players must sign up via the league sign-up process.
  • Players will only be eligible to play in league games on the account they signed up with.
  • If a player wishes to change their registered account(s) prior to the draft, they must contact league management.
  • Registration will remain open until the draft deadline. Players who register after the draft deadline will not be eligible to be drafted, but will be eligible for the Supplement Draft.
  • Players may elect to lock into specified positions (skater/goalie) during the registration period.
    • If a player plays the opposite role then their team will receive a forfeit for that game.
  • Players may elect to lock into specified attendance during the registration period.
    • Current attendance lock: 8/14 (~50%) regular season games for the Zealot Hockey League, and 7/14 (50%) regular season games for the Zealot Hockey Probe League.
    • If they play over their locked attendance % during the regular season then their team will receive a forfeit for that game. (consider: Any games played that put a player over their locked attendance percentage will be forfeit.)
    • Players that attendance lock may only play 2/5 playoff games in a series.

Section V: Draft Rules

  • Owners draft value will be decided upon via League Vote.
  • Trading and/or “skipping” draft picks is not allowed. On an Owners turn to pick, they must select a player to add to their roster.
  • On their turn, Owners will have 1 minute to select a player as their pick for the round. If they have not selected a player after 1 minute, the next Owner’s timer will start, and they will be able to pick. The Owner whose timer elapsed will still be able to make their pick, but the next Owner could potentially pick someone first, and the draft order will continue to advance. Exceptions to this rule:
    • Once during the draft, if an Owner does not or cannot respond to attempted contact, they will be given an additional 5 minutes to make their pick for that round.
    • Twice during the draft, an Owner may request an “extended timer”, which will allow them a total of 2 minutes to make their pick for the round.
    • League Commissioner reserves the right to pause the draft for extenuating circumstances.
    • Owners must select themselves in their owner spot.
  • Draft will continue until all players who registered prior to the draft deadline are assigned to a team.
  • The Commissioner reserves the right to stop the Draft at any point in time, and may restart the Draft from the beginning, after seeking a solution, if he/she determines that an Owner is intentionally or unintentionally making choices that will harm the league.

Section VI: Lobby and In-Game Rules

  • The Home team decides what server the game lobby will be hosted under. The Home team will join the lobby as Team 1 (red), and the Away team will be Team 2 (blue).
    • For cross-conference games, the server will default to Chicago. Both owners may agree to host the game on another server.
  • If a game is delayed past its scheduled time, the team responsible for the delay will suffer the following punishments: 10 minutes past scheduled time – loss of right for 1 remake for that game, 15 minutes past scheduled time – forfeit the game.
  • To minimize any form of delay or latency, spectators or bench players of each game will be limited to the two broadcasters, and spectators approved by both teams’ Owners or Captains.
  • Teams are allowed one remake per game. This may be requested during a pause or during period breaks. Teams may elect to change the server and/or roster before a remake.
  • If a player drops during the beginning loading screen, a single “neutral” remake will be exercised. No line-up or server change is allowed by either team.
  • If all members of a team leave during a game without using a remake, the team receives a regulation loss as well as a 3 point subtraction from their standings. If during playoffs, an addition loss will be attributed to the team.
  • Team remakes are no longer allowed once the Overtime period begins.
  • If there is not a caster present after 10 minutes of the game time owners may start the game. They will need to report the game with screenshots and a saved replay.

Section VII: Trade Rules

  • Trades will be permitted for ZHL and ZHPL until their respective trade deadlines.
  • ZHL trade deadline: January 18th 11:59 PM EST.
  • ZHPL trade deadline: February 6th 11:59 PM EST.
  • All trades will need to pass a majority vote by the administration.
  • Any trade passed by administration can be overturned by a 7/8 approval vote from the owners.


Section VIII: Free Agency / Probe-Redraft

  • Free Agents will be attendance locked during ZHPL Playoffs.
  • Any exceptions must withstand the League Vote process prior to the Supplemental Draft.
  • Five players from every probe roster will be designated by their respective probe owners to be protected. Any / all non-protected players will then be placed into a draft pool, whereby, the worst placed team at the time will be granted the first draft position for the Probe-Redraft.

Section IX: Probe League Rules

  • Zealot Hockey Probe League rules are the same as Zealot Hockey League rules, with the only exception being eligibility and playoff format.

Probe League Eligibility – Regular Season:

  • If the team cannot field 4 players, they are allowed 1 emergency Free Agent signing.
  • Exceptions allowing ineligible players to play in a probe league game can be made by the opposing team’s Owner/Captain or League Officials.
  • Probe League Eligibility – Playoffs:
  • Probe Playoffs will have 6/8 teams participate, with the quarter and semifinals being Bo3 and the final
  • To become eligible for Probe League playoffs, players must meet all the following requirements:
    • Must have played 2 or more games in ZPHL during the Regular Season.
    • Must have more ZHPL games played than ZHL games played.
  • All exceptions must be requested by respective owners prior to the conclusion of the ZHPL Regular Season.
    • All exceptions must withstand the League Vote process prior to the start of ZHPL playoffs.

Section X: Standings and Playoff Format

  • Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win in regulation time, 2 points for a win in Overtime or Shootout, 1 point for a loss which takes place in Overtime or Shootout, and 0 points for a regulation loss.

ZHL Playoffs:

  • The top 6 teams in the league will be moved into the playoff brackets. In the event of a tie on the standings, please refer to the tie breaker rules below.
  • The top two teams at the end of the regular season will receive a “bye” in the first round of the playoffs.
  • After the first round of the playoffs, the #1 team will play the winner of the prior series. The winners of round two will play each other in the cross-conference finals, referred to as the “Tassadar Cup Championship.”
  • All rounds in the playoffs will be best of 5 series. The “Home” team in games 1, 3, and 5 of each playoff series will be the team with the higher seed, while the lower seed will be the “Home” team in games 2 and 4.

ZHPL Playoffs:

  • Probe Playoffs will have 6/8 teams participate. In the event of a tie on the standings, please refer to the tie breaker rules below.
  • The teams will have the same seeding as the ZHL playoffs.
  • After each round of the playoffs, the bracket will be “re-seeded” so that the highest placed teams play the lowest placed teams. The finals will be referred to as the “Artanis Cup Championship.”
  • All rounds in the playoffs will be best of 3 series, except for the finals which will be a best of 5. The “Home” team in games 1 and 3 (and 5 in finals) of each playoff series will be the team with the higher seed, while the lower seed will be the “Home” team in game 2 (and 4 in finals).
  • Attendance locked players may play in 1/3 or 2/5 games in the playoffs.

Ties in Standings:

  • If two or more teams are tied in points during the regular season, the standing of those teams is determined in the following order (Tie-Breaking Procedure):
    1. The fewer number of games played (GP stat).
    2. The greater percentage of points earned in match-ups between all the tied teams.
    3. The greater goal differential (GD stat).
    4. The greater number of games won, excluding games won in the Shootout (ROW stat).
    5. The greater number of games won in regulation (RW stat).
  • In the playoffs, in lieu of shootouts, sudden-death overtime will continue indefinitely until someone scores.

Section XI: Expansion and End of Season

  • At the conclusion of each season, all rosters will be wiped and the league will be completely re-drafted for the new season, following a new registration period.
  • Before the start of each new season, the League Commissioner and League Managers will decide on the Rules and Regulations for the upcoming season.
  • There will be a break between league seasons, determined by the League Commissioner.