Last Weeks Results:

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Kaldir Yetis – Yetis Won 7-4

Tarsonis City Tigers @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Flyers Won by a huge margin of 8-2

Redstone Reapers @ Korhol War PigsWar Pigs Won 3-2 in shootout

General News:

The trade deadline was on Saturday night. Since last post 2 trades have occurred:

The Char Meleons traded away Pinkamena and Prime to the Mar Sara Threat Agents. The Meleons received Stealth in return.

The Tarsonis City Tigers traded away Fancypants and Hatestabkill to the Mar Sara Threat Agents. The Tigers received Guerilla in return.

Games This Week:

Three Stars of Week 6:

  1. DarkLing
  2. Sir
  3. Tenkz


Korhol War Pigs @ Mar Sara Threat Agents – War Pigs Win

  • The Threat Agents were very busy on the trade market this week. They traded away Stealth and Guerrilla in hope of revamping their team. They now have a solid goalie, and a very, very deep roster. The War Pigs have picked up Vapour who is yet to play in a game. If he plays he will be to difference maker in this game. If the Threat Agents are to win, it will be bnecause of a great FancyPants performance.

New Gettysburg Flyers @ Shakuras InquisitionInquisiton Win

  • The Inquisition have built themselves a nice team. With the addition of their new goalie they can be confident going in to each game. The Flyers are coming off a big win with the addition of their new team mate JMoney. This will be a very exciting game that could go either way.

Redstone Reapers @ Kaldir YetisYeti’s Win

  • The Yeti’s have a deep team. They will be facing a server dependent team that that will need to fight hard if they want to win. Eric will be hoping to continue to lead his team to fight for that number 1 spot in their conference. They teams depth should help them a lot.

Tarsonis City Tigers @ Braxis BarracudasTigers Win

  • The Tiger made a big trade. They picked up star defenceman Guerilla to solidify their line-up. They now have a very strong team that will be feared. The Barracudas will need to strap on their skates and give it all they got if they want to beat this powerhouse team. The tigers are hoping to get back into playoff contention with a win.

Predictions So Far: 20 correct, 11 wrong

Closing Statements:

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