Last Weeks Results:

New Gettysburg Flyers @ Char Meleons – Char Won with a 6-0 shutout

Braxis Barracudas @ Korhol War Pigs – Pigs won 4-2

Aiur Storms @  Mar Sara Threat Agents – Threat Agents win with shutout 1-0

Shakuras Inquisition @ Redstone Reapers – Inquisition won 7-2

General News:

I have exams coming up so I apologise for delayed news posts, or late ones.

Games This Week:

Kaldir Yetis @ Tarsonis City Tigers 9pm EST Monday

Char Meleons @ Korhol War pigs 9pm EST Tuesday

Shakuras Inquisiton @ Char Meleons 10pm EST Tuesday

Braxis Barracudas @ Kaldir Yetis 9pm EST Wednesday

Shakuras Inquisition @ Tarsonis City Tigers 10pm EST Wednesday

Aiur Storms @ New Gettysburg Flyers – 9pm EST Thursday

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Redstone Reapers – 10pm EST Thursday

Three Stars of Week 8:


Kaldir Yetis @ Tarsonis City TigersTigers Win


Char Meleons @ Korhol War pigsWar Pigs Win

Shakuras Inquisiton @ Char MeleonsMeleons Win

Braxis Barracudas @ Kaldir YetisYetis Win

Shakuras Inquisition @ Tarsonis City TigersInquisition Win

Aiur Storms @ New Gettysburg FlyersStorms Win

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Redstone Reapers – Reapers Win

Predictions So Far: 26 correct, 18 wrong

Closing Statements:

Be sure to tune in to twitch.tv/zealothockey to watch this Sundays games! Be sure to leave feedback or other suggestions on things you would like to see in the forum thread for the ZHL news here.