Welcome to week 4 of News Alert! Just as a heads up, News Alert will be posted once per week on Sunday. I hope you all enjoy reading it as I put lots of work into it.

Last Weeks Results:





Games to watch out for:

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Shakuras Inquisition – Both teams are undefeated

Power Rankings:

  1. Mar Sara Threat Agents =
  2. Inquisition =
  3. New Gettysburg Flyers +2
  4. Tarsonis City Tigers +3
  5. Zerus Redlings +1
  6. Braxis Barracudas -2
  7. Korhol War Pigs +3
  8. Char Meleons =
  9. Redstone Reapers =
  10. Zenn Freeze -7

Players of the Week (3):

Offence – 


Support – 




Goalie – 



Taresonis City Tigers @ Zenn Freeze Tigers Win

The Zenn Freeze are going through some tough times in relation to their teams management. They will need to work hard to try and put the actions of ResSlayer behind them in order to get their team a win. The Tigers will be looking for a very important win in order to pull their team ahead in the playoff race.

Korhol War Pigs @ New Gettysburg FlyersFlyers Win

The Flyers are showing other teams that they also are one to fear. They will be hoping to continue their push for first in the Koprulu South division by handing the War Pigs a familiar loss. The War Pigs are badly in search of a win if they want to keep playoff hopes alive.

Braxis Barracudas @ Redstone ReapersBarracudas Win


Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Shakuras InquisitionInquisition Win


Zerus Redlings @ Char MeleonsRedlings Win

The Char Meleons will need to figure things out if they want to have hopes of making the playoffs. The Redlings are currently fighting for first place and are in need of this win if they want to keep that going. Tenkz and the Meleons will need to put their past behind them.

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Zerus RedlingsThreat Agents Win

Nothing can stop the Threat Agents right now. They powered through the only undefeated team while playing off server. Proster is absolutely on his game, and he can be the one to get his team wins. The Redlings will need to play hard, and use a full team effort if they want to win.

Zenn Freeze  @ Braxis Barracudas –

Tarsonis City Tigers @ New Gettysburg Flyers –

Shakuras Inquisition @ Char Meleons –

Redstone Reapers @ Korhol War Pigs –

Predictions so far: 10 Correct, 5 Wrong

Interview of the Week:

Each week I will interview one player from the ZHL community as chosen by the community. Be sure to vote on who should be interviewed next in the poll at the end of the post!


Today’s interviewee: Tenkz


Do you expect any trades to happen soon?

wow so generic, uhhh, id have to say theres some in the works. im hearing a lot of rumors, especially regarding a few specific teams that are having some turmoil. id say pretty much every team is open to trades, except maybe shakuras and mar sara.

If you could make one rule change to ZHL what would it be?

uhhh, do conferences count? im not a big fan of the conferences. I can see why everyone wanted shorter seasons but i dont think it’s worth it. like u could theoretically be the #5 team and not make playoffs because ur in a conference with 4 stronger teams.

If you could add one extra feature to the gameplay of ZH what would it be?

well i definitely favor additions to goalies. I usually prefer the goalie position but i have to skate since it feels so much weaker than skater. So i think the goalie could use a 3rd ability, such as some sort of time warp or something, id say more of a high skill cap option like a temporary aura that slows down shots since it’s near impossible to save some crease shots without guessing.

If it was the end of the world and the entire ZH community was with you, and you could only save 3 people (not including yourself) who would it be?

well, in order to repopulate we’d need a girl, and theres like 10% chance that either gel or girlpower are females so id have to take both for maximum chance. I would save my boy jmoney since he has not betrayed me like many other friends..

If you were to create your own ZH clan, what  would they name be, and why?

I would name my ZH Clan Fruits because all of the members will roleplay as fruits (the type of food). We may also have some roleplay as a different kind of fruit, but that doesn’t need to be mentioned.

What skill do you think is the most important to have in order to be a successful player?

thats a tough one, uhh, are we talking ingame skill like shooting clicking etc, or player skill like versatility. Well regradless i think you have to be really quick to be successful at a higher level. Most of the top players play with extremely fast pings, and reflexes, and some (proster, vapour, etc) are next level to the point where they actually play a bit in the future. Thats why they’re so successful id say you definitely have to be really quick to be successful.

Question from Zachsmack: how does it feel to be considered one of the most volatile members of the community, and how you cope with it on a daily basis?

Honestly, I don’t consider myself very volatile. I think my name gets tossed around much more than it needs to be. There were no problems S5 on Korhol, where my team (S5 Korhol Warpigs) was all really good mannered and we all got along pretty well. The next season on Korhol, there was a bit of tension and attitude problems between the players. I don’t think I’m nearly as volatile as I’m made out to be, and I definitely get a lot more !@#$ than I dish out. For the second part of the question, I don’t cope with it. That’s why I wanted to quit. I came back because I felt guilty for quitting on my team after specifically requesting to draft these players. Also, a few players sent me heartfelt messages asking me to return.

you had a lot of ups and downs in the CHL. what are your thoughts on the experience overall?

Overall i think the chl was a great idea. I would say most of the downs were me overreacting. I shouldve expected an exploit/loophole would cause some drama, and it was right of them to FF us to set an example. Winning the league meant a lot it was actually the first zh thing ive ever won

 at times you can get very emotionally invested in the game, what makes you tick the most?

uhh well im a perfectionist irl, and im usually pretty good at what i do. So when im off in-game it makes me somewhat upset, and from there i lash out. However i will say that there are a few ppl in the community that piss me off due to unnecessary douchelordery and what not. I’d say the #1 villain in the scheme of things is lingking.

should kwkaster be a twitch mod?

I don’t think this is a question that needs to be asked. Kwakster (gKwakster in twitch chat) is a pillar of the community and arguably a top 3 player. His moral values are exceptional, and he has done nothing but help this community thrive and succeed. He is best known for coaching Watermelon to the level that he is now (#2 overall pick S7, #1 S6, #1 S5). Undoubtedly Kwakster needs to be a twitch mod if he is to help this community any further.


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Closing Statements:


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