The Zerus Redlings have traded reputed to the Tarsonis City Tigers in exchange for Fable.

Tough to say who wins out on this one; it’s a pretty fair deal for both sides.  The Redlings get a much needed boost in the field with a solid two-way skater, Fable, who can contribute strong defensive play as well as some offensive production when needed.  That boost couldn’t come at a better time for Zerus, either, as owner brucecambell will be out of town and unable to play in their next three games.

The loss of their starting goaltender, reputed, isn’t a cheap price, but the team still has the experienced Perplex, who’s eager to bounce back from a lackluster performance in the season opener, and the up-and-coming Director, either of whom could prove themselves as a formidable netminder behind a field of bruce, Ruckle, and Fable.

On the Tigers side of the exchange, they pick up a proven goaltender in reputed, who could very well be battling for the starting position with current starter Cafca, but either is a rock-solid choice in net, which, coupled with the stingy defenseman Kaioken in the field, will make scoring against Tarsonis City difficult even when one goalie can’t come to the party.  They don’t sacrifice much by losing Fable, either, as with a roster including IrishLad, Kaioken, and Droplets, he was actually a depth skater with the cats, anyway.

He’ll undoubtedly see some more ice time with the Redlings.  Having Cafca and reputed on the same roster might be nice for the two tenders, as well, as both are interested in skating some this season, and having a 1-A at their side rather than a #2 makes that goal a little more feasible.

This marks the second trade of the week between teams that will play each other on Sunday.  The Redlings host the Tigers at 7:00pm EDT.