Day 2

After a interesting, possibly BM filled night, the Tarsonis City Tigers came out with a 3-1 victory over the Char Melons.

Tonight’s game is between the Shakuras Inquisition and the Mar Sara Threat Agents with home field advantage.

@9pm EST

Key Points:
– This Watermelon vs Proster battle will turn to be a good one
– Depth will be key to a victory in this one

Who Will Win:

Alright, so maybe I got yesterday’s game wrong, but I think I have got this one. Im voting that the Shakuras Inquisition will come out with a win due to the great draft choices. Yet… im probably wrong.

Final words:

This will be an exciting game to watch with a battle between two of the best offensive players in the game. The question remains, which one will be able to help carry their team to victory?