Day 3

For myself I was unable to watch this game today, but for what I heard the Mar Sara Threat Agents defeated the Shakuras Inquisition 4-1.

Today the Zerus Redlings will be facing the New Folsom Renegades who have the home field advantage.

@9pm EST

Key Points:
ā€“ Zerus Redlings have great offensive talent but might face the risk of drafting one goalie
ā€“ The Renegades will need to rely on all top picks showing up to put a good fight

Who Will Win:

So now I am 0 for 2. Not to good as this prediction type of thing, maybe its a curse. So on that note should I predict against my team to win? who knows. Yet for honest view and team Analysis I think the Zerus Redlings will win tonight (bias? maybe?). I think this will be a good one to watch.

Final words:

As the owner of the Redlings I am hoping we can pull a victory tonight. It will have to come down to a full team effort for us to win. As for Halo and his crew, good luck!