Day 4

With the first shootout of the season the Zerus Redlings defeat the New Folsom Renegades 3-2 in a comeback nail biter.

Today the New Gettsburg Flyers will be facing the Braxis Barracudas
who have the home field advantage.

@9pm EST

Key Points:
ā€“ Questionable drafting by Provyseals will be tested today
ā€“ The Flyers strong back end will need to be present to ensure victory

Who Will Win:

Hey guys, I actually predicted that one right! For today this should be an easy guess. I believe this will be the first game that wont be close. I predict the Flyers will defeat the Barracudas.

Precitions so far- 1 Correct 2 Wrong

Final words:

If the Barracudas manage to pack enough force for an upset, I will take the blame. This is our last game this week so no more stories until Sunday rolls around! The question that looms is, will Teroh show up for once and assist his Flyers in victory?