Draft Results and Schedule

The ZHL Season 2 Draft was completed successfully earlier today. Updated rosters are available on this site, as well as the Battlefy portal. To see specific draft results, check out this Google doc. If you signed up after the draft deadline, you’ve been entered into the free agent pool and are eligible to be added to a team via waivers between September 6th and 28th.

Games kick off one week from today on Sunday, August 24, and the season lasts for seven weeks. Each team will play once on Sundays and once on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. The full schedule is available on the Schedule page, the Battlefy portal, and this Google doc. Talk to your team’s owner to find out who’s on the starting lineup, and if it’s not you, you’d better start practicing so you can earn yourself a spot!

We look forward to seeing you on the ice, and best of luck to all 8 teams this season in the ZHL!