EU Summer Clan Tournament Results

After a long day with a lot of exiting games we have a winner!

We saw TUPL (The Ugly PuckLings)  and TRTH (The Royal Templar) advance from Group A and after some nerv wrecking  games in Group B BnoI (Bananinjas on Ice) and GoTops A (Guardians of the old puck spirit A-team) advanced while big teams like TBKH (The BLACK Knights of hockey) and TMKH (The Mystic Knights of Hockey) were left behind.

In the BO3 semifinals both TUPL and TRTH beat their opponents with 2-0.

The BO5 final between TUPL and TRTH probably lead to many heartattacks after some nice comebacks and close games. TRTH really stepped up after losing with 2-9 against TUPL in the groupstage and they gave TUPL a tough fight for the victory. The finals ended with 3-1 in games for TUPL and they finally got their first tournament win!

/Ugly and proud Doll 🙂