Welcome to the ZHL Frequently Asked Questions Page!

• What is the ZHL?
The ZHL (short for Zealot Hockey League) is a Zealot Hockey draft league. Owners are in charge of teams and can draft and trade players in order to improve their rosters and their chances of winning. Our matches are broadcasted live on our Twitch channel.

• Where can I watch ZHL matches?
Follow our Twitch channel to see when we go live! We also have a YouTube channel where past games are archived.

• How do I sign up for the league?
Follow the instructions on our Registration page! If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact our administrators.

• How do I become an owner?
You can apply to be an owner for a team by following the instructions in step 8 listed above. This season’s owners were selected by a panel consisting of the commissioner and owners from Season One still active in the community. The selection process for future seasons will likely be similar. Your chances of selection will be better if you are an active part of the Zealot Hockey community who frequents in-house games and the Forums.

• What happens if I don’t get drafted?
Under the current rules of the league, this can’t happen! All players who register for the draft prior to the draft deadline will be drafted. Any player who isn’t registered in time for the draft will be eligible for free agency when it opens mid-season.

• What if I don’t like the team that drafted me?
As a player, you may request to be traded. An owner is not obligated to trade you, but you also do not need to play for him and can hold out as extra incentive for the owner to release you. However, if an owner decides to trade you to another team, you won’t be able to decide where you end up.

• Where can I find current rosters, Free Agents, and the schedule?
All of that information will be available on the menu bar of this website.

• What rights do I have as a player as far as requesting trades?
Players are allowed to ask to be traded to any team, and may refuse to play as an incentive to force a trade if they so choose. But you cannot choose where you go in a trade, and you may be traded without your permission. Also, keep in mind that trades must be completed before the trade deadline.

• If I decide to quit the league, will there be consequences?
If you leave the league before the season’s conclusion, you won’t be eligible to receive any prizes you may have earned. You’ll also hurt your chances of being drafted by a team in future seasons, as owners may not want to risk picking up a player with a history of leaving in the middle of the season. Note this isn’t the same thing as having scheduling conflicts: we’re all human too, and we understand that people have personal lives beyond our little league. Consequences are only for players who either leave without notice, or give notice in a manner of poor sportsmanship.

• What draft format will the league be using?
The draft will be in a snake format, with randomization of seeds. Additionally, league management determines what round an owner must pick themselves in order to be eligible to play.

• When’s the deadline for registration?
The draft deadline is a couple days prior to the draft. Specific dates and times have been published on the Forums and/or Discord.

• When will games take place?
That will be determined by the league managers and commissioner agreeing upon the times and will be published in the Schedule. The full schedule will be set at the time of the draft deadline. In the past, games are spread throughout weeknights and on Sunday.

• How do I ask a question that’s not on this page?
Please ask any other questions to administrators or on our forum!