Free Agency Opens

Free agency has officially opened following the conclusion of each team’s fourth game of the season.  With ten games left, I expect some teams are looking to the free agent market for some assistance.  All players that have registered since the draft deadline, and any others that register going forward, are eligible to be added via waivers to any team until the free agency deadline on September 28.  For the most up-to-date list of available free agents, you’ll probably want to check the Battlefy.  I’ll do my best to keep the list of Free Agents found here on the website updated, too.

At the conclusion of today’s games, the Waiver Order is as follows:

1. Shakuras Inquisition
2. Kaldir Yetis
3. Zenn Freeze
4. Zerus Redlings
5. New Gettysburg Flyers
6. Korhal War Pigs
7. Mar Sara Threat Agents
8. Tarsonis City Tigers

Here’s a short explanation of how waivers work.  Each team starts with 1 Waiver Point.  For each team ranked lower than them in the Standings, they receive 1 additional Waiver Point.  If a team’s standing changes, their Waiver Points will change accordingly.  For every free agent a team signs, they will be given an additional 4 Waiver Points.

When a team wants to sign a free agent, they will notify the commissioner, who will notify the other owners, and a 24 hour timer will start.  If other teams are interested in the same free agent, they must notify the commissioner within that 24 hour time frame.  At the end of that window, whichever interested team has the least amount of Waiver Points will add that free agent to their roster (and be given 4 Waiver Points for signing a free agent).  Changes to the Waiver Order caused by changes in the Standings during a free agent’s 24 hour timer will not be taken into account, but any other free agent signings that take place during that time frame will.

Waiver Points can be traded between teams, but they can only be traded in full.  For example, a team with 12 Waiver Points may trade with a team with 6, but they must trade the full 12 points for the full 6 points.  For an up-to-date list of the Waiver Order and each team’s Waiver Points, see this Google Doc.