Free Agent Signings: Day 1

The first day of free agency resulted in three signings for three different teams.  Wasting no time with their top priority in the Waiver Order, the Shakuras Inquisition picked up Critt, who was probably without question the most desirable player in the free agent market.  Adding him to their team will hopefully go a long way to alleviate their attendance issues of late, and could very feasibly make them a force to be reckoned with during the rest of the season.

The Korhal War Pigs attempted two separate signings, but because of their position in the Waiver Order, were unsuccessful with both.  The Zenn Freeze claimed Roughneck, likely in the hopes that he’ll be able to hold his own as a starting goaltender.  Finally, the Zerus Redlings signed Blitzerg, a Star Strikers player with very little Zealot Hockey experience but a lot of potential for growth.

The Waiver Order going into tonight’s games is as follows:

1. Kaldir Yetis
2. Shakuras Inquisition
3. New Gettysburg Flyers
4. Korhal War Pigs
5. Zenn Freeze
6. Mar Sara Threat Agents
7. Zerus Redlings
8. Tarsonis City Tigers

But things can change if and when the Standings change tonight.  Games are starting right about now, so tune in!