Free Agent Signings: Day 2

The Free Agent market is still a-hoppin’, as five more players have found homes in the past 24 hours.

The Shakuras Inquisition acquired Art and Pure, just before the Kaldir Yetis snagged up Corigador and CSDarthGandi.  A little bit of controversy stirred up when Shakuras attempted to open waiver orders on every one of the 17 free agents available all at once yesterday afternoon, hoping to force the other teams to act quickly before there were 17 new players wearing purple, knowing they’d still sign a few themselves.  The league stepped in to say that was too much, though, placing a limit of 4 pending waiver orders per team at any one time, which allowed for these four signings.  Shakuras has not opened any new orders since these four closed, but now that they’ve dropped to 8th in the Waiver Order and picked up 2 new players, they may or may not decide to continue with that strategy.

A fifth free agent signing, Exodia, also closed later on this evening.  I’m told he’s the netminder formerly known as Reimer, and he registered just before the New Gettysburg Flyers opened an order for him last night.  In spite of three other teams expressing interest in him, because of the slew of free agency signings that came through prior to his registration, the Flyers found themselves at the top of the waiver wire, able to claim this hot commodity uncontested.

After today’s signings, the Waiver Order is as follows:

1.Tarsonis City Tigers
2. Zenn Freeze
3. Korhal War Pigs
4. Zerus Redlings
5. Mar Sara Threat Agents
6. Kaldir Yetis
7. New Gettysburg Flyers
8. Shakuras Inquisition

I’d venture to guess things will start to quiet down a little bit now, but we probably still haven’t seen the last of free agency this season, and we could potentially see some more trades in the near future from teams who haven’t been able to pick up the players they’ve been gunning for.  If you’re not on a ZHL team yet, the market’s still open until September 28, so you’ve still got time to get in to the game.