Free Agent Signings: Day 4

The Mar Sara Threat Agents today signed their first free agent acquisition, KagaRoshi, which momentarily moved them past the Kaldir Yetis in the Waiver Order, allowing the bigfeet to snag up Afawfaaw out from under them.  This leaves the Tarsonis City Tigers as the only team with no free agent acquisitions.  The current Waiver Order following these two pick-ups (and Mar Sara leap-frogging the Korhal War Pigs in the standings) is as follows:

1. Tarsonis City Tigers
2. Zenn Freeze
3. Zerus Redlings
4. New Gettysburg Flyers
5. Korhal War Pigs
6. Mar Sara Threat Agents
7. Kaldir Yetis
8. Shakuras Inquisition

11 more free agents remain on the market, and although no pending orders have been opened for tomorrow, the season is still young.  Free Agency remains open until September 28, so there’s plenty of time left to get picked up by a team if you haven’t been already.  Get registered if you haven’t done so yet, and make sure you’re playing a lot of Zealot Hockey to showcase yourself to the 8 team owners.  Good luck, free agents!