Goals Against Average Stat Now Accurate

Goalies can now compare their epeens with almost 100% accuracy, because the Goals Against Average is now calculated exactly the way they do it in real hockey.  The only thing that’ll make it more accurate is the incoming update to the game which figures out Shots On Goal correctly.  Sadly, that update won’t be retroactive, but it’ll count for all games from the point it happens onward, so it’s something.

Previously, the GAA stat on this site was calculated by dividing all goals scored against a given goalie by the number of games that player played in.  Earlier today I had the revelation, “wait, what about games when goalies play as skaters?” so I did some data entry to substitute “games played” for a new invisible statistic, “games tended.”

That wasn’t accurate enough for me, though.  In the NHL, GAA takes the amount of time in a full game, divides it by the amount of time the goalie is in net, and multiplies that number by the number of goals scored against the goalie.  That’s now exactly how our GAA statistic is determined.  So if you win in overtime with a score of 1-0, your GAA is slightly better than a goalie who gets a shutout in regulation time, because you played a slightly longer game.  If you get substituted for another goalie in the middle of the game because you’re letting in too many goals, your GAA is going to be higher than it would be for the same amount of goals over a full game in net.

I’m a nerd.