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Welcome to our media page! As you can see we have a lot of content related to Zealot Hockey outside of actual gameplay. Here is just a taste of the great content that has been generated by this community. Please be sure to follow and support all these people and groups, especially our twitch channel, which is located to the left.

Reim Time

Reim Time is a brand new interview series hosted by Reimer and Kurt. Each week, they will chat with prominent community members and discuss current events, origin stories, and the future of ZHL.

Around The League

Around The League is a mid season weekly wrap-up and talk show featuring Reimer and Moose. On a weekly basis they will dissect multiple teams, playoff predictions, current events, and the latest gossip.

Zealot Hockey Infomercials

The Zealot Hockey Infomercial series are parody infomercials themed with zealot hockey jokes and satire. Check out Kurt_58‘s channel on YouTube to find more zealot hockey content like this!

Cubs’ Top 5 Plays

Cubs’ Top 5 Plays is a weekly display of the best plays within the Zealot Hockey community, featuring Cubs! Every week cubs will rank and explain the context of the best plays that the Zealot Hockey League has to offer.