Midseason Draft and Combined Standings!

We have now finished the first half of EUDL S3. AngryTits Angry Spaghetti Monsters are currently in the lead but they have Foleros Krakens and Junkys Blazing Chimaeras following close behind them. Anons Wings or Turul and MoS Lurking Hydras have been struggling a bit in the first part of the league but maybe the Midseason Draft will change that. Will we see some major changes in the second half of the league? Check out the Midseason Draft Results and judge for yourself!

Combined Points (Main+Probe)
1 AngryTits Angry Spaghetti Monsters  19
2 Foleros Krakens  17
3 Junkys Blazing Chimaeras  16
4 Slides Mighty Cats  11
5 Shusükes Dragon Slayers  11
6 MoS Lurking Hydras  7
7 Anons Wings of Turul  3