New Trades, Recent Events, Trade Deadline.

For those of you unaware, there was a gigantic shitstorm that hit ZHL recently, and a lot of “controversial” trades have occurred within the last little bit.

Summary of trades done before deadline:

  • Redlings trade Dauntless and Sneakyshadow for Threat Agents Applebot and Pornhack.
  • Shakuras trade Shadowbladez to New Folsom for Bulbaasaur.
  • Redlings trade NSIC to Braxis for PlutoOnFire.
  • Yesterday’s trade between Char and Braxis was vetoed by Darkangel, but overturned by the vote of 5 owners, so it stands.

Expect some words from the commissioner about the controversy very soon.

In the meanwhile, I’d like to share with you my disappointment in some of my fellow owners. Because if we all act like immature children, this league will fall apart.

Stay classy frnds, cheers~~