News Alert: Playoffs Round 1


Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap Korhol War Pigs vs Char Meleons Xanax Online Schedule:
Gm1 6:00pm EST Meleons Home
Gm2 6:30pm EST War Pigs Home
Gm3 7:00pm EST Meleons Home
Gm4 7:30pm EST War Pigs Home (if necessary)
Gm5 8:00pm EST Meleons Home (if necessary) Home Ice Advantage: Meleons

Buy Xanax Craigslist Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale Season Series War Pigs: 1 wins 1 losses
Buying Xanax Online From Canada Season Series Meleons: 1 wins 1 losses

Online Xanax Sales Prediction: Meleons Win Series 3-2

Order Xanax Online Overnight Meleons:

Xanax 2Mg Bars Online Players:

Buy Xanax Uk Online ResSlayer– Also known as ResGod, has proven himself an elite goal tender. He has single handedly won games for his team this season. In this series he will bring confident goal tending, and will allow the Meleons team to feel strong going into each game. With only one goal tender, they know what to expect in net before each contest. Rush– Providing veteran defense, rush will also add quality passing plays, and bring some offence to the table. Rush gives this team a good option providing quality defence that the very offensive player Proster can rely on. Expect to see him making big plays to help this team achieve victory. Proster– Arguably one of the best offensive players in the game, Proster will not hesitate to put goals up on the board for his team. He’s proven all season long that he can get points, and help his team win. With the home ice advantage they will have the flexibility to play Proster the way that they want. Don’t expect this team to be short on goals.

Stealth– Providing quality support, stealth is a great addition to the feed Proster program. With smart play, Stealth has the ability to pick up points, and set up Proster for the passes that he needs. Adding to the experience, Stealth knows what it takes to win, and he is not afraid to push it to his limits.

TownKrier– TK gives the Meleons another option when it comes to their defence. He can provide solid, reliable, defence that can shut down attackers when the time comes. With this kind of depth the Meleons have a team that can go far. TK also adds great experience to this team from the seasons he has played. War Pigs:

Players: Vapour– Coming of his championship team last year, Vapour has the skills to win. His all-around amazing play will surely help this team fight to get to the next round. He is a great scorer, as well as a great support. If his team can play off of him well, success will follow. Htcp– Adding another all-around great player to the mix, Htcp can give great defencive play, as well as offensive chances. A long time player of the War Pigs franchise, he will bring the grit and compete that this team needs to succeed in this series.

TenkZ– Adding offensive power to a team is the key for success. TenkZ is an offensive threat that many teams should fear. He has the ability to click through a team’s defence on route to a goal. His clicking power will be a turning point if he can use it effectively.

Marker– A solid goalie who can get the job done is what the War Pigs need. The Pigs have such a great team in front of the net, that goal tending is never an issue. Marker is a consistent goalie that can make the saves when needed. We will see how the playoff atmosphere treats him, and if he can make game changing saves. TinyTerran– A great substitute player is what you will get in TinyTerran. He will provide this team with effective relief depending on which server their team needs to play on. He has great offensive ability, and can find ways to help his team get goals. Redstone Reapers vs Shakuras Inquisition

Gm1 8:30pm EST Inquisition Home
Gm2 9:00pm EST Redstone Home
Gm3 9:30pm EST Inquisition Home
Gm4 10:00pm EST Redstone Home (if necessary)
Gm5 10:30pm EST Inquisition home (if necessary)

Xanax Online Next Day Delivery Home Ice Advantage: Inquisition Season Series Redstone: 0 wins 2 losses Season Series Inquisition: 2 wins 0 losses Prediction: Inquisition Win Series 3-2 Inquisition: Players: Watermelon– Arguably one of the best, if not the best, player in this league to build a team around. Watermelon has the skill, and the leadership, to help lead his team to victory. He has won the cup before, and is hoping this team he created can help him claim his 2nd trophy. His all-around play will be a huge power in this series.

Bulbasaur– Once a first overall pick, Bulbasaur adds loads of offensive depth to this already strong team. His ability to score goals, and use perfect snipes, allows him to always be a feared offensive player. Working alongside Water, this will be a scary offence to face in the playoffs. Reimer– The all-time shutout leading goal tender gives confidence to this Inquisition team. His stellar ability to stop the puck, and his veteran presence, has this team never worried about goal tending. If he can stand the test of playing off server, he could help this team to victory. Swift– Strong defensive, and offensive, presence is what you will get from swift. He, and water, have already won a cup together, and will be looking to get another. His all-around play gives water the flexibility to play offence with him, or keep him back as a major shut-down defence. Nova– The Watermelon training product provides solid defence when called upon. With the potential to get better, Nova adds a lot for this team. He will have to work hard to crack this line-up. If the Inquisition need to make a line-up change from their original 3 skaters, Nova will be no weak link in the line-up. Reapers: Players: Carlito– With his offensive power, he has the ability to carry a team when the time comes. He knows how to score goals, and has the ability to click through an entire team in order to get offence. As long as Carlito can overcome the challenge of playing off server, he has the ability to be a huge difference in this series.

MrAlerteyes– An offensive player that can grind out goals, and pick-up important assists. He will give the Reapers another offensive power behind Carlito. As long as his chemistry with Carlito can work well in play-offs, this team’s offence is one to be feared. Daggius– The defensive west player that gives solid shut-down defence. Daggius can set up plays, and limit majority of shots on net with his defensive ability. He even sometimes finds himself going up on the play, and getting important goals. CountryKen– Once one of the best goalies, Ken will be hoping to bring back the amazing goal tending that he showed during his most active seasons. If Ken can play solid, and stellar, like he once use to, he can easily help get a series win for the Reapers.

Online Xanax Prescriptions TheMusic– The east defensive player for the Reapers provides solid defence, as well as offensive chances when needed. His all-around play gives him the ability to be a threat on offence, as well as shut-down on defence. It will be key for him to play solid defence for the Reapers to win. HaloUNSC– Halo provides stellar, and solid, goal tending for the Reapers on Central and East. He has the ability to carry a team from the net with amazing saves when it counts. He has the focus, and leadership, from winning the cup last year to lead his team to victory.


I hope you all enjoyed. Remember this is just my opinions, and I am just trying to add some nice content for the playoffs! Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments!