News Alert ZHL & ZHPL s12: Week 1


Welcome to the draft special of News Alert! Just as a heads up, News Alert will be posted once per week on Sunday I hope you all enjoy reading it as I put lots of work into it. Make sure to vote on who to interview for Week 2!

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Power Rankings:

  1. Mar Sara Threat Agents =
  2. Char Meleons =
  3. Aiur Storm =
  4. New Gettysburg Flyers =
  5. Tarsonis City Tigers =
  6. Shakuras Inquisition =
  7. Kaldir Yetis =
  8. Korhal War Pigs =
  9. Braxis Barracudas =

Players of the Week (1) :

Skater: N/A

Goalie: N/A


(Early heads up, I will not be making any predictions with games involving either my ZHL or ZHPL team.)


Braxis Barracudas @ Aiur Storm – Storm Win

This early into the season I am judging teams based on how their roster looks on paper. To start with, the cudas have a crazy strong skater group, but they lack a set goalie. The Storm have have both a lineup of crazy strong skaters, but they have a very good goaltender in TinyTerran. Overall in this matchup, and with home ice advantage for the storm, I believe the storm will come out on top with a solid win over the Cudas using their goalie and server advantage.

Kaldir Yetis @ Korhal War PigsWar Pigs Win

This is a game where I could easily see either team win. In my opinion, both of these teams are very evenly matched. The Yetis have what I consider to be the best rotational lineup in the league, their only question mark could potentially be in net. If Halo can play like he does in his prime, they will be dominant. As for the War Pigs, they have a solid lineup when Watermelon can play. Lucky for them today, they are home and will be able to start their star player Watermelon! Overall, as long as the War Pigs do indeed start west, they should come out with a victory.

Aiur Storm @ New Gettysburg FlyersFlyers Win

This is a game where home ice advantage will play a big role. Since TinyTerran is a west goalie and Ruckle is east, the Flyers hosting east will give them a huge advantage over the Storm. The storm do have east players, so they will likely have to buckle down and play good defence in order to pull out a victory today. With Bltiz and Ruckle to hold the backend, the Flyers have a much easier job going into this game and trying to pick up 3 points. I am sure that the Flyers will come out of this game with a victory.


I barley know the players in ZHPL so my explanations for the predictions will be a lot shorter than ZHL (and a lot more meme’d up).

Zenn Chill @ Korhal Warthogs – Chill Win

I believe in the Perplex and Microwave carry. I also hope elder shows up. That’d be great.

Mar Sara Hazards @ Shakuras Crusaders – Hazards Win

I played Adonis in some probe league practices, he was solid. He will lead his Hazards to victory!

New Gettysburg Aviators @ Mar Sara Hazards – Aviators Win

I still think besides the Alert and Kurt teams that the Aviators are the best team out there. Lots of probe league veterans with a solid set goal-tending situation.

Korhal Warthogs @ New Gettysburg Aviators – Aviators Win

Still think the Aviators are very good. They should have 2 wins this week with the power of Profx, Kim, Cubs, and Reputed.


Predictions so far for ZHL: 0 Correct, 0 Wrong

Predictions so far for ZHPL: 0 Correct, 0 Wrong

Twitch Clip of the Week:

I will need the communities help here! If you are watching Zealot Hockey League (Probe or Main) and you see a good or funny play, please make a clip of it and I will pick the best one for News Alert each week!

Interview of the Week:

Each week I will interview one player from the ZHL community as chosen by the community. Be sure to vote on who should be interviewed next in the poll at the end of the post!

Today’s interviewee: Watermelon

First of all, you are coming into this season as a 50% locked skater. What is your reasoning behind this, and how does this change your overall strategy for ZHL?

Well the reasoning is easy – I can’t play tuesdays and thursdays at all due to work and schooling. My strategy for this season isn’t very different from previous ones – win west games. There just won’t be any non-west games for me. It actually kinda helps since I only need to practice west – a luxury I haven’t had since Season 2.

The draft has been completed and all teams are set. Who do you think is the most underrated team in the league to start the season?

The most underrated team would have to be Korhal (my team). Most people are putting us in the bottom 2 of the league. We’re yet to lose a scrim on west, and I think we’ll make some noise on other servers when people see how well stealth can still play. He looks as good as ever.

Where do you see the future of Zealot Hockey going (including the standalone), are you surprised to have seen ZHL go for this many seasons?

It’s kind of unbelievable that ZHL has lasted this long. The future of Zealot Hockey is already set in stone – eventually it will die out in the same way that arcade games on Warcraft 3 died out. It’ll end up being 10-15 people who are lucky to get more than one game lobby filled each day. However, I’m confident that Cryoblade will be close to completion by the time that happens. Hopefully our community can just transfer over (and grow).

If you could have one full hype night with 2 retired/past players of the ZH community, who would it be and why?

CountryKen and Reimer. The GOATS when it comes to hype. The Reim Time series was an amazing accomplishment for a community of our size, and CountryKen always overflows with energy when he’s on stream. Advertise it beforehand and they’d probably get more viewers than the ZHL finals this season.

What do you believe to be the most underrated skill to have in ZH?

Patience. Most of the top mechanical players right now are impatient kiddos or elo/ixdl league grinders who are used to fast-paced games. You keep the puck from them for 10 seconds and they get in their own head. It makes scoring a lot easier.

Do you have any pre game rituals or superstitions before a ZHL or Tournament game?

I have a little desk fan that blows on my mouse hand because I can’t stand when my mouse gets any sweat on it (I might be OCD in that regard). When I go into a ZHL game, I turn the fan off. My mouse hand is used to having the fan there, so removing it makes my fingers warm up faster and my clicking is better. Don’t ask for scientific research to back this up because it might just be in my head.

What is exactly is it that has kept you in this community so long and has kept you playing this game?

I’ve always had a fascination with games that are very simple, where the meta is developed entirely by the players as they play more and more. The first game like this that I got hooked on was a custom map on Warcraft 3 called Elimination Tourmament (over a decade ago). Zealot Hockey is just the most recent iteration of my joy for this kind of game. I’m sure when it dies, I’ll either move on to Cryoblade or find another game to fill that niche.

If you could describe yourself as a Country in the world, which Country would you be?

Probably Australia. I’m an introvert and I tend to keep my distance from people until I get to know them really well. Just don’t associate me with Dante. Thanks.

Lasty, at 23, you are getting to the stage of finishing your schooling, gettings a job, and moving on to that adulting world. What advice would you give to the young players just moving on to that stage of their life?

I would tell them that the most important part of growing up is learning how to get out of your comfort zone. That zone is different for every person, but the idea remains the same. Moving up in life requires you to become comfortable with failure. Put your foot in places where you think it might get stomped on. If you try to avoid all chances of failure then you will never experience success.

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