News Alert ZHL & ZHPL s12: Week 2


Week 2

Welcome to the draft special of News Alert! Just as a heads up, News Alert will be posted once per week on Sunday I hope you all enjoy reading it as I put lots of work into it. Make sure to vote on who to interview for Week 3!

Last Week’s Results:

Current Standings:





Power Rankings:


  1. Mar Sara Threat Agents =
  2. Char Meleons =
  3. Aiur Storm =
  4. New Gettysburg Flyers =
  5. Tarsonis City Tigers =
  6. Shakuras Inquisition =
  7. Korhal War Pigs +1
  8. Kaldir Yetis -1
  9. Braxis Barracudas =

ZHPL (Done By Cubs)

  1. Tarsonis City Wildcats =
  2. New Gettysburg Aviators =
  3. Korhal Warthogs =
  4. Char Manders =
  5. Shakuras Crusaders =
  6. Zenn Chill =
  7. Mar Sara Hazards =

Players of the Week (2) :

Skater: Watermelon

This man absolutely dominated picking up 8 goals and 1 assist in only one game played. Water is a God on the western server. He was easily the best skater this week.

Goalie: TinyTerran

With only 4 teams playing, TinyTerran was easily the best goalie out there. He posted a 0.813 sv% which was the leagues best by a mile (next closest was 0.500sv%).


(Heads up, I will not be making any predictions with games involving either my ZHL or ZHPL team.)


Char Meleons @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Flyers Win

I still believe in the power of the Flyers. However, the only way they win this game is with solid Vapour and Ruckle carry. This team of old timers should be able to work hard together to take down the Meleons. The Meleons will need to put their personalities aside and work as a team if they want to have any chance at winning this game. Personally I think this game could go either way. I would not be surprised if Char manages to find a win against the Flyers here, but I am still going with the Flyers winning.

New Gettysburg Flyers @ Kaldir Yetis – Flyers Win

Yes I am going with the Flyers once again. This is because I really like this team and their potential to work greatly together. The Yeti’s have some obvious issues with their team as shown by their last week game, but if they can fix those issues they can be a very scary team to face. As for the Flyers, they just need to continue to play they game and use their positional chemistry to dominate teams.

Braxis Barracudas @ New Gettysburg FlyersFlyers Win

DID I JUST CALL A 3 FOR 3 FOR THE FLYERS?!?!? Yes I did. I am going all in Flyers this week, all my eggs in one basket. I truly like and believe in this team. This game is the one I am probably most confident of. The Barracudas with their current goalie and chemistry mix situation, in my opinion, do not have the talent required to beat the Flyers here. Do me proud Flyers I believe in you!

Korhal War Pigs @ Char MeleonsMeleons Win

Finally a prediction where I can’t pick the Flyers, go me! The War Pigs without Water will not be the same team. Water is a dominant force and that was proven with his dominant play in their first game. The Char Meleons will likely host East which will be a huge strength for the Meleons. The War Pigs are also eat, but I think on the Eastern server the Meleons have the advantage. Either way this should be a very fun game to watch this week!



I barley know the players in ZHPL so my explanations for the predictions will be a lot shorter than ZHL (and a lot more meme’d up). Also after week one I have realized that probe is impossible to predict for.

Korhal Warthogs @ Mar Sara Hazards – WarthogsWin

The Warthogs team is far better than the hazards. After casting their game this week, I have realized their skill.

Shakuras Inquisition @ Tarsonis City Wildcats – Wildcats Win

The wildcats are a good team and I believe in the power of Kurt.

New Gettysburg Aviators @ Tarsonis City Wildcats – Wildcats Win

Kurt is love, Kurt is life.

Mar Sara Hazards @ Zenn Chill – Chill Win

The chill have an amazing offensive force in Perplex and Micro. Both of them will dominate the Hazards.


Predictions so far for ZHL: 2 Correct, 0 Wrong

Predictions so far for ZHPL: 1 Correct, 3 Wrong

Twitch Clip of the Week:

I need the communities help here! If you are watching Zealot Hockey League (Probe or Main) and you see a good or funny play, please make a clip of it and I will pick the best one for News Alert each week!

Click here to see this weeks clip!

Interview of the Week:

Each week I will interview one player from the ZHL community as chosen by the community. Be sure to vote on who should be interviewed next in the poll at the end of the post!

Today’s interviewee: Eldersage

Okay first question, what is your genuine opinion of the Zealot Hockey community?

95% cancer, 5% gems.

Do you find your goalie style to be a unique one? And do you think more goalies should adopt your style?

yes, 97% of people cannot do what i do for my goalie style, making it pretty unique/rare.  it’s difficult, and only 3% of people could manage to do it.  it’s possible im not even one of them. no, my style is difficult and most people will just have trouble with it, likely do worse , at least for a long long while while they learn to fully integrate it. so no, they ‘shouldn’t’ have to do it but i encourage them to do it if they choose to, and want to be a hero with me.  please do!

If you could make one gameplay change to the goalie in ZH, what would you change?

much larger net.

Besides ZH, what is one of your favourite games to play?

magic the gathering.

I personally don’t know much about you so, what is a typical day for Elder like?

playing with children, fixing computers, then playing with more children at night [zh].

If you could describe yourself using a type of season or weather, what season/weather would you be and why?

a foggy but easy lone tall mountain on a grassy plane,,, with occasion thunderstorms. the peak pokes up out of fog cloud,  out of view up. cool temperate climate, too..  lil breezy, but sunny

Even though, as you state, the community is 95% cancer… What keeps you coming back and playing ZH?

i’m a gem collector. i highly treasure gems.

What is your favourite zealot hockey moment of all time?

no mind

all the genuinely fun awesome moments. there have been so many that naming just one is too difficult… but if i must name one for fun.. then ok.. the s9 finals and winning champ ring, with the drama of that incident, the ddos on mets into blitz necro-rezzing his team.. forcing a rematch into forced forfeit when ‘opponent’ team protested it. ha

What is the best life advice that you can give?

no mind

all love comes from within

know, that love is the ultimate law of the universe…  [to put it in layman’s terms]

so – ‘no mind’ [peace!  ^∞]

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Closing Statements:

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