Opening Night

ZHL season 4 is finally here!

After gruelling hours and reappearing Ruckle’s, the great hockey game is back. Grab your hockey sticks and lets get ready to see which teams will fall and which will triumph!

Tonight’s game is between the Tarsonis City Tigers and the Char Melons (Watermelon not included) with home field advantage.

@9pm EST

Key Points:
– Townkriers Goalie heavy team is going to be roadblock for many.
– Both teams would favour East, due to be a good game

Who Will Win:

This is a tough call. I think these two teams will create an exciting even battle. For this one I will have to go with the Char Meleons.

Final words:

This is the first of many posts to come so I hope you enjoy them. I hope to see you guys all on twitch as I will be streaming!