Play-offs EUDLS4!

Start to collect your troops and get ready for the final battle! It’s time to crown this seasons winner! Who will get the final word in this GOT-themed season!

Saturday Oct 8th Quarterfinals:

First up on Saturday in Quarterfinal A we will see Vogins Knights of Wode vs BoooMs House Martell! The 2 games they played during the regular season ended with 2-0 and 2-1 victory for BoooM. Anything can happen!

Next up we’ve got an interesting match-up in Quarterfinal B between valenz Probe House Bolton and Shüsukes Shitty Starks. House Bolton finished regular season in 6th place and did not qualify for the play-offs. Can his probes that qualified to the play-offs by winning Probe Play-offs get a sweet revenge by beating the worlds best player Shüsuke and his army?!

Sunday Oct 9th Semifinals and GRAND FINAL:

In the first match-up we will see the winner from Quarterfinal A vs Defaults House Florent. House Florent were on top of the ranking after regular season! Are they still on top of their game? If so they will be a tough nut to crack!

2nd match-up is between the winner of Quarterfinal B and TyRiøNs House Lannister! House Lannister finished the regular season in 2nd place and they will definitely not give up easily!

GRAND FINAL awaits… Are you eager to see what will happen in the last episode of GOT… follow the games live this weekend on