Round 1 Playoffs ZHL/ZHPL

Welcome to the 1st round of the ZHL and ZHPL playoffs! For each round I will be doing my predictions on who will win and maybe some insight on each series. (THIS WILL ALSO BE POSTED ON THE FORUMS FOR YOUR COMMENTS)

During the season I predicted a total of 45 games and got 30 correct and 15 wrong for a 66.6% correct percentage.


Zerus Redlings (6) vs Char Meleons (3)

Of course this is my  team involved in this series and im going to try and be as unbiased as possible. I think this will be a good series to watch. With the Char Meleons making their trade with the Cudas to acquire Htcp and Crush, this greatly increased their chances of winning. The Redlings on the other hand had a good draft and are able to field good teams for both West and East. This series could come down to the wire and the eventual winner will be the one that use their lineups and team chemistry to their advantage.

The Char Meleons will defeat the Zerus Redlings 3-2 in the BO5 series (I hope I am wrong, and im going to make sure im wrong)

Shakuras Inquisition (4) vs New Gettysburg Flyers (5)

This series might be interesting. The Inquisition as well making a trade at the deadline to acquire a very good east skater in Bulba. The flyers on the other hand are hoping the legendary talent of Guerilla will kick in to his old form. I really do think that the home ice advantage in this series its huge. The way that water plays on west is very tough to face, and facing an east team it could be devastating for the Flyers. Unless the flyers pull some strings and play to their best might, the servers may kill them in the end.

The Shakuras Inquisition will defeat the New Gettysburg Flyers 3-1 in the BO5 series



Shakuras Crusaders (1) vs Mar Sara Hazards (8)

Anything can happen in probe league since all teams make the playoffs. During the season the Hazards only pulled 4 wins while the crusaders pulled 10 wins. With the leagues leading point scorer by far Kwakster, and possible candidate for the Darsiris Trophy, Crusaders are hoping he will help lead them to victory. For the Hazards they may have some questionable strength for their lineup. Their best player right now stands at SteelSong and their only hope of winning will be for him to carry.

The Shakuras Crusaders will defeat the Mar Sara Hazards 2-0 in the BO3 series

Char Manders (2) vs New Folsom Outlaws (7)

The Char Meleons definitely had a good probe team before the trades happened. After the trades they gave away most of their good probe players. The ones they have left include ProfessorX and SharX, the two x buddies. Their only hope of doing well for the playoffs rests on the hand of these so, fairly skilled players. Zackary’s skill will need to be strong as well as chucknorris and Mofowhs in order to have this team do well. If Anglefire shows for New Folsom he is also eligible. The renegades have a good team behind them.

The New Folsom Outlaws will defeat the Char Meleons 2-1 in the BO3 series

Braxis Bluefins (3) vs Tarsonis City Wildcats (6)

The Bluefins after the trade they made have an outstanding probe team. They acquired top probe league talent like Reimer, sleek and Kelvin to help boost their talent. This trade towards the end of the season has already proved how strong they will be. The wildcats are hoping that king zotz, dinkleberg, and Daggius are the players that can bring them to victory. This could either be a really good series or a blow out.

The Braxis Bluefins will defeat the Tarsonis City 2-0 in the BO3 series

Zerus Broodlings (4) vs New Gettysburg Aviators (5)

The Zerus Broodlings deep roster should be one to help this succeed in this series. At the deadline they acquired PlutoOnFire, PqrnHack, and applebot. They also already have Ranch who is eligible and gigipopper. The Aviators have the legendary Jmoney who is a great skill to have on a team, along with Marker and Eldersage for a strong net presence. This will for sure be a great series since both teams are very even.

The Zerus Broodlings will defeat the New Gettysburg Aviators 2-1 in the BO3 series.

I hope you all enjoyed the work I put into this preview, I tried to be as unbaised as possible. Feel free to leave your predictions or thoughts on my predictions on the forum post. I will write another post for when round 2 starts again with thought and predictions. Thanks for reading!