S12 Ruling #2: Tenkz

During Char’s matches against New Gettysburg, Kaldir and Shakuras, Tenkz opted-in/out of goalie over 220 times combined between the three games. Many of the instances he was doing it were times that it would be advantageous for the other team to experience lag (like right after a shot on their net or when an opponent has a breakaway opportunity). While we can’t prove it was definitively lagging the other team, there were reports from two of the teams about lag following the games, which prompted the investigation.
We can’t fathom any reason to opt-in/out of goalie over 220 times across three games other than to try and cause lag or something similar. Furthermore, we believe the method that Tenkz is opting-in/out is via a macro, because the opt-in/out is always in a high-speed perfect pair (always well under a second apart, 6 frames or less difference) which ends on “opted-out”, without fail. If you go into a game by yourself and try manually pressing “G” rapidly in pairs, you’ll find that occasionally it doesn’t register the “opt out”, but this was never the case with Tenkz across these games on 220+ high-speed pairs, leading us to believe it can only be a macro.

Punishment: Tenkz will be suspended in his remaining matches against New Gettysburg, Kaldir, and Shakuras.

Rules broken:

  1. The use of any mechanic which automatically performs a function that is otherwise exclusively and directly performed by a player’s body, as intended by developers of the game.
  2. The use of any mechanic which performs an action that is otherwise impossible to execute.
  3. (Possible) The malicious use of any mechanic which increases latency for other players.

Important: Anyone who violates this rule in the future will be subject to a season-long ban.

The development team is aware of this exploit and it will be fixed in the upcoming patch.

The replays can be downloaded here and checked for your own record: http://www.mediafire.com/?qqlwrnoya0zzr

An example of the combo opt-in pairs in the game vs New Gettysburg: 

Each “key=19” is a press of G and the time to the left is measured in frames. Tenkz opted-in/out of goalie a total of 92 times alone in the game vs New Gettysburg.