Schedule EUZHL Draft S2 Playoffs! HYPE!

It’s time to end this league with a weekend full of fun (and lots of battles)! 6 teams moved on til the playoffs and I’m sure I’m not the only one that want to see who will end up as the winner after the first Draftleague season in EU Zealot hockey!! Rumours around the community say that a lot of our players hold McDs KappaHDs and Slides FrankerZs as favourites! I am personally sure that all the other teams will do what they can to prove them wrong! May the best team win! (Pogs ofc! lol)


11AM EST/4PM GMT QUARTERFINAL 1 #3 Swe PogChamps vs #6 Rig’s PJSalts BO5 Result 2-3

1PM EST/6PM GMT QUARTERFINAL 2 #4 MoS Kreygasms vs #5 Felix duDudus BO5 Result 3-1


10AM EST/3PM GMT SEMIFINAL 1 #1 McDs KappaHDs vs #6 Rig’s PJSalts BO5 Result 3-0 Technical loss

NOON EST/5PM GMT SEMIFINAL 2 #2 Slides FrankerZs vs #4 MoS Kreygasms BO5 Result 2-3

2PM EST/7PM GMT GRANDFINAL #1 McDs KappaHDs vs #4 MoS Kreygasms BO5 #4 Result 3-0

All games will be streamed on