SEASON 12 ANNOUNCEMENTS Season 12 NA ZHL is almost underway! Here are some quick announcements:

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  • 9 team season with an auction draft, consisting of the following owners:
    • Vapour (4500)
    • htcp (3350)
    • NoVa (3100)
    • Three (2800)
    • L1ghtning (2750)
    • iSpyGecko (1600)
    • TownKrier (900)
    • ElTaco (500)
    • SidtheKid (10)
  • 7 team probe league with a snake draft, consisting of the following owners:
    • MOCLAC
    • Wolfshark
    • Elharion (skater locked)
    • PapiChulo
    • Cubs
    • iFound (Non-player owner)
    • WizKid (PeterFarber)

Cheap Xanax Bars Online In other news,  News Alert will be coming back this season!

This weekly news article will contain: That weeks schedule, last weeks results, Alert predictions, interviews with players as voted by the readers, power ranking, skater and goalie of the week, and maybe a highlight of the week!

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