Standings Legend

GP – Games Played PTS – Points (RWx3 + (OTW + SOW)x2 + OTL)
ROW – Regulation Wins & Overtime Wins (RW + OTW) RW – Regulation Wins
OTW – Overtime/Shootout Wins SOW – Shootout Wins
OTL – Overtime Loss (includes shootout losses) RL – Regulation Losses
GF – Total Goals For GA – Total Goals Against
Diff – Goal Differential (GF-GA) GPG – Average Goals For Per Game
GAPG – Average Goals Against Per Game S/T +/- – Total Net Steals/Turnovers
Pass – Total Passes PaPG – Average Passes Per Game
Avg Poss – Average Possession Time Per Game Streak – Current RW/OTW/SOW/OTL/RL streak
Tie-breaking procedure
If two or more teams are tied in points during the regular season, the standing of those teams is determined in the following order:

  • The fewer number of games played (GP stat).
  • The greater percentage of points earned in match-ups between all the tied teams.
  • The greater goal differential (Diff stat).
  • The greater number of games won, excluding games won in the Shootout (ROW stat).
  • The greater number of games won in regulation (RW stat).