The Zealot Hockey Interstellar News 2

The off season is kicking up with blood and sweat from the special events that are occurring before the season 8 draft. The ranked matches, hosted by Stealth and company, have proved to be great competitive ways in training players across the cosmos. While some are still in the “retirement” stages, such as sitting back, making love with their wives, partying, Overwatching, etc, others are slowly rebuilding their skill sets to be ready for the next chapter of their careers. If you haven’t signed up for season 8, you only have a week or so left before sign ups are closed.

Speaking of season 8, rumors speculate that there might be probe owners for the first time in zealot hockey history. More rumors speculate that there will be more than 10 teams this season as well. Until the management department and the commissioner reveal all the ideas, changes, and details, well have to keep playing the guessing game until then. They continue to be successful by gathering for their bi-weekly or weekly meetings on Teamspeak to ensure that there will be no major issues for the upcoming season compared to its predecessors. Rush claims to becoming the greatest owner there ever was as he continues to pray at his church for the draft of his dream team he desired since season 5.  New players begin to emerge from the realm of public games while others from the realm begin to blossom and become prospects for in houses and the league. Players from higher levels of skill have also taken to consideration in training the young bloods of tomorrow.

There is an active shooters training course that is held once a month on Sundays to help skaters and goalies prepare in case there is somebody from the stands that has a gun. Please contact Onegun. He is always responsible and will teach you defensively any situation that involves a gun. Got a mortgage and have trouble financing it? Do you have money issues with your old banks? Can’t afford that green card to help you cross the border from one galaxy to the next? Can’t get the loan you want to help you get that house made of watermelon? Jmoney’s Galactic Bank Services is the right step for a better future. Do you got what it takes to be the next Dancing with the Stars? Join DancingMoose’s training course to help you get loose and active so you too can be a rising star in the realm of dancing. Checks or credit not allowed. Cash only! Tired of your typical super market near you? Want the perfect food for a very reasonable price? Join Club Meepomart for the best selection of groceries that are carefully packaged and maintained fresh throughout the day. Located in Zerus and Mar Sara!

The off season is coming to a close. Players reunite and begin to train harder than they ever did. Are you up for the challenge to being the very best? Will new metas arise for skaters, as well as goalies? Good teams become great teams when their players trust each other enough to surrender the me for the we. Minor changes to the game are slowly coming as the devs return to rework the system to enhance maximum game performance. Players across the galaxy work hard to gather new blood to help continue the growth of the community. Stay tune for more off season events, such as the ranked matches that are still going on and casted as we speak. Will season 8 become the golden age of Zealot Hockey?