The Zealot Hockey Interstellar News

The countdown to another glorious season is underway. Skaters shine their skates and head to the mini camps to enhance their skill sets for the next chapter of their careers. Goalies adjust to new styles of play. Some of them are trying to redeem themselves from disappointing seasons while some of them try to redevelop their styles so they can keep up to par with the new metas.

League managers and the commissioner established new heights to where ZHL is going to be in the near future by performing annual meetings at the moons of Tarsonis. Will probe league change to become more competitive? Or will the spirit of the probe remain? Is there a new playoff structure that we haven’t seen? They will announce further updates at the zealot hockey forums.

News reporters are working around the clock to get interviews and topics from great players to get an idea on what they’re doing during the off season. Halo questioned Zachsmack about his opinion on the new management team organizing season 8. He stated:

“I’m just here to play Zealot Hockey. I cannot give any opinions due to my agent forbidding me from doing so. Any questions will go though my agent.”

The mystery of who our season 8 owners is also underway as the league management and commissioner will also post an update in the forums. If you seen any suspicious activity such as AC users, smurfs, trolls, illegal space dealings, and illegal space border crossings please contact Stealth.

Tournaments and special projects are popping like popcorn during the off season that you might want to check out! This doesn’t mean for some folks that you can skip mini camp. Mark your calendars for the events to follow during the next 2-3 months. Tune in also for some special content on stream as the new casters spice up the community when they cast the Zealot Hockey League sometime next month or so!

Jersey sales for the teams to host season 8 will be held at Braxis. Get any of the team franchises that will play in season 8 and you’ll win a Braxis Cuda t-shirt. Follow more on season 8 and your favorite players that you play with on SpaceBook!


Let the golden age of Zealot Hockey begin! Until next week folks! Cya!