The Kaldir Yetis have traded Vapour and Cherry to the Zenn Freeze in exchange for RusH, Eric, and Durko.

This is a monumental deal that will absolutely have an impact on both teams going forward, so let’s examine all the pieces.

The Yetis put some depth in their roster with two underrated players, Eric and Durko, either of which could quite feasibly earn a spot as a starter, as well as a definite starter with the 16th overall pick, RusH, whose numbers so far this season haven’t been impressive, but should benefit from having a player like ZachSmack as a linemate, as the two typically have pretty good chemistry.  The price of this purchase, however, is not exactly cheap.

The Freeze get the second overall pick, Vapour, to join a line with the first overall pick, Maharishi, in a reunion from their championship run with Mar Sara last season.  Depth player, Cherry, gets bounced to his third team within just the first week of the season, but has the potential to earn a spot as a starting goaltender on a team that’s struggled in that department thusfar, if he chooses to develop his game on that side of the ice.

On the surface, I’d say the Freeze look like they’ll be the big winners in this deal.  Having two first rounders on the same team definitely makes Zenn a force to be reckoned with.  Right now their major question mark is whether or not BobbyO is up to the task of being a starting goaltender, especially after a disappointing 9-0 loss to the Korhal War Pigs earlier this evening.

Don’t discount the Yetis just yet, though.  While there may be some questions regarding the decision to trade away the second overall pick, Vapour was unexpectedly absent for Kaldir’s second game of the season last night, which resulted in an unprecedented 10-0 mercy rule at the hands of the Zerus Redlings.  Add to that equation the possibility that Eric and Durko, drafted 33rd and 49th overall respectively, are both capable of contributing far more than most would likely expect, and that RusH is undoubtedly going to bounce back from his current funk, this trade starts to make a bit more sense from Kaldir’s perspective.  The price was certainly high, but owner Anglefire is still unquestionably buying low with all three of these players.

Who will come out on top?  We won’t have to wait long to find out.  These two teams face each other as their next opponent on Sunday at 7:30 on Zenn’s home turf.