The Shakuras Inquisition have traded Tura to the Tarsonis City Tigers in exchange for Spruance.

The Tigers are part of their third trade of the season, and they get a solid defensive player out of the deal in Tura.  The question mark, though, is going to be if they can expect him to make it to their games.  Attendance issues have been a major problem for the Inquisition, which is surely what prompted this exchange on their side of things.  I’m told Tura is beginning work on a PhD right now, which would understandably make a hobby in Zealot Hockey tough to maintain.

Spruance, who moves to his third team of the season with this trade, is a dedicated player who will likely help alleviate the shorthanded woes of the boys in purple.  While he’s a solid sniper, Spruance is not the caliber of player that Tura is, at least at this stage in his Zealot Hockey career.  But a player who’s there for your games trumps one that can’t make it, so the Inquisition’s likely feeling a little better about their team right now.

Will it be enough?  They host the Zenn Freeze on Tuesday, so we’ll find out soon.  If they can’t come out on top in that contest, they’ll have locked in a spot at the top of the waiver wire when free agency opens on September 6.  Silver linings to be found in every storm cloud, right?

The Tigers take on the Kaldir Yetis, who are coming off their first win of the season with an upset against the Freeze, on Friday on Kaldir.