The Kaldir Yetis have traded Droplets and Spruance to the Tarsonis City Tigers in exchange for Kholin and Cherry.

The Yetis bolster their back-end support by picking up a starting goaltender in Kholin, as well as a potential back-up goalie and solid defensive skater in Cherry.

The Tigers become a force to be reckoned with by adding the offensive powerhouse of Droplets, who was the 18th overall pick in the draft this season, and add some depth to their field with the sniper, Spruance.

This trade takes place just a little over 24 hours prior to the first game of the season, in which the Yetis take on the Korhal War Pigs.  The Tigers, as well as all teams in the league, will also be playing tomorrow night against the Shakuras Inquisition.  The first puck drops at 7:00pm EDT on the official Zealot Hockey Twitch channel.