The Zerus Redlings have traded Perplex and Ranchinator to the Zenn Freeze in exchange for Cherry.

Cherry finds himself on his fourth team of the season with Zerus, but the good news for him is that with the deadline passed, he won’t have to pack his bags again this season.  He’s also without question going to be moved back into a starting position with the Redlings, who gave up both their current starting goaltender and one of their starting skaters to get him.  He’ll likely find himself in net for the Redlings, but the question mark will be, after having lost Ranchinator as well, can Blitzerg rise to the challenge of a starting skater?

The Zenn Freeze have had goaltending issues all season long, so they’re most likely hoping to try Perplex in net.  With the strong defense Maharishi and Vapour have proven to have in the past, Perplex’s personal goaltending struggles may be alleviated enough to earn a spot among the league’s elite goalies.

All I’ve got time to write at the moment, but tonight’s games start up in 25 minutes.