Week 2 Monday

After our first sunday…
-The Char melons defeated the Flyers
-The Inquisition defeated the Redlings
-The Tigers defeated the Renegades
-Then finally the Threat Agents defeated the Barracudas

Today The Char Meleons will be facing the struggling Braxis Barracudas who have the home field advantage.

@9pm EST

Key Points:
ā€“ Braxis looking to avoid 3 losses in a row to start the season
ā€“ Char melons looking to start a winning streak

Who Will Win:

I was 3 for 4 yesterday so my predictions are doing pretty well. For today, there will be no upset. The Char Meleons will win the game.

Precitions so far- 5 Correct 3 Wrong (Positive REKT)

Final words:

The only way that the barracudas come away with a win is if their 1st round pick crush is able to carry the team to victory, but I don’t see it happening. This is the Meleons game to lose and I think they wont have any issues. Tune in at twitch.tv/zealothockey to watch the excitement.