Week 2 Thursday

With a strong appearance from New Gettysburg, they defeated the New Folsom Renegades with a 3 – 0 shutout.

Today the Tarsonis City Tigers will be facing the Shakuras Inquisition who have the home field advantage.

@9pm EST

Key Points:
ā€“ Inquisition looking to continue the wins after a huge win over the Redlings
ā€“ Tarsonis City Tigers looking to stay undefeated this season.

Who Will Win:

Should be a fun game to watch tonight. I will be casting so that makes it even better. Aside from that, I think the Tigers will defeat the shakuras Inquision due to dehydration.

Predictions so far- 7 Correct 4 Wrong

Final words:

Its a shame halo’s carry couldn’t get me a correct prediction yesterday. Today will me exciting with strong teams and tigerlicious rivalries.Should be exciting tonight be sure to tune in at 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey