Week 3 Tuesday

In a not so tight game the Tarsonis City Tigers defeated the server problematic Zerus Redlings.

Tonight there will be two games (One rescheduled from Sunday)

The New Folsom Renegades will be facing the Char Meleons who have home field advantage (8 PM EST)

The Braxis Barracudas will be facing the New Folsom Renegades who have home field advantage (9 PM EST)

Key Points:
– The Char Meleons are on a 2 game winning streak and hope to extend it to 3 tonight

– This battle of the basement includes the Cuuuuuuuuudas and the Renegades both looking for their first win

Who Will Win:

The New Folsom Renegades @ Char Meleons – Meleons

The Braxis Barracudas @ New Folsom Renegades – Renegades (sorry cuuuuuuuuuudas)

Predictions so far- 10 Correct 6 Wrong

Final words:

I think the Char Meleons game is an easy prediction, but the hardest one to predict has to be the battle of the basement. Be sure to tune into this fun action starting at 8pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey .