Week 3 Wednesday

As I predicted flawlessly, the Char Meleons defeated the Renegades, and the Renegades defeated the Cuuuuuuuuudas in a close shootout.

Tonight the Shakuras Inquisition will be facing the Char Meleons who have home field advantage.


Key Points:
– The Char Meleons are now on a 3 game winning streak and will be pushing for 4 tonight

– The Inquisition are low in the standings, and a win will put them much higher.

Who Will Win:

This is a battle of potentially two great teams. The char meleons are hot right now, but have they faced the best yet? For myself Im going with the Inquisition to rise to the occasion and pull a win.

Predictions so far- 12 Correct 6 Wrong

Final words:

This will be an exciting game with two very good teams squaring off. I will definitely be one to watch. Be sure to tune into this fun action starting at 8pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey .