Week 4 Monday

Lookie here im back, sorry about that guys.

Last night…

The Mar Sara Threat Agents defeated the Char Meleons

The Zerus Redlings defeated the New Gettysburg Flyers


Tarsonis City Tigers defeated the New Gettysburg Flyers


Tonight the Mar Sara Threat Agents will be facing the New Folsom Renegades who have home field advantage.

@ 9PM

Key Points:
– The Renegades have not won in a while, and are coming off a massive blowout vs the Inquisition

– The Threat agents are coming off a huge win to end the Meleons 4 game winning streak.

Who Will Win:

This game should be a very easy choice. The renegades are not looking good until they reach FA draft. The Proster Agents will win.

Predictions so far- 14 Correct 10 Wrong

Final words:

Not sure how exciting this one will be, but hey its ZHL and its always amazing. Be sure to tune into this fun action starting at 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey .