Week 4 Thursday

Yesterday the Shakuras Inquisition defeated the Braxis Barracudas 5-0.

Tonight the Zerus Redlings will be facing the Char Meleons who have home field advantage.


Key Points:
– Both teams will be fighting it out for a secured spot in 3rd place

– possible line-up absences may prove to be lethal for either team

Who Will Win:

Two pretty even teams will be going at it tongiht. This is a hard one to pick but as much as if pains me to say I think the Meleons will defeat the Redlings tonight (hopefully my boys prove me wrong).

Predictions so far- 16 Correct 10 Wrong

Final words:

Following the probe league game of today will be the long awaited free agent draft with returning players such as Maharishi, Droplets, PeterDlai, and much more! Be sure to tune into this fun action starting at 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey .