Week 4 Wednesday

There were no games yesterday, but on Monday the Mar Sara Threat Agents defeated the Bulbless New Folsom Renegades.

Tonight the Shakuras inquisition will be facing the Braxis Barracudas who have home field advantage.


Key Points:
– With the Renegades loss last night they have clinched the 1st overall pick in the FA draft, so the Barracudas have 2nd overall pick in the Free Agents draft no matter the result from today

– The Inquisition looking to take 4th place with a win

Who Will Win:

I mean the barracudas did make the miracle victory against the Tigers, but im not sure about today. Unless the Inquisition plan on losing to regain better FA draft picks, than the cudas will not win. So im going with the Inquisition winning.

Predictions so far- 15 Correct 10 Wrong

Final words:

Well we are closing on the final two games before the free agency draft hits. This draft will for sure change some teams from not winning, to being a force to reckon with. Great depth in this draft. Be sure to tune into this fun action starting at 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey .