Week 5 Sunday

Back on Thursday the Char Meleons defeated the Zerus Redlings.

Today 6 teams will be playing:
Char Meleons @ Tarsonis City Tigers (7pm EST)
Braxis Barracudas @ New Gettysburg Flyers (9pm EST)
New Folsom Renegades @ Zerus Redlings (10pm EST)

Key Points:
– The Renegades are hoping their new team mate Maharishi can help them pull wins

– The barracudas hoping to do the same as the Renegades with PeterDlai

– Tigers hope to maintain 1st place in a tough battle

Who Will Win:

Welcome to the first set of games after a huge Free Agency draft. we will await and see what difference these new player make!

Char Meleons @ Tarsonis City Tigers – Tigers Win
Braxis Barracudas @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Flyers Win
New Folsom Renegades @ Zerus Redlings – Redlings Win

Predictions so far- 17 Correct 10 Wrong

Final words:

I think that server choice will have a huge advantage today. In that same hopes I picked all of the home teams to win because of that reason. Be sure to tune in @ 7pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey to catch the action.


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