Week 5 Thursday

Yesterday the Inquisition defeated the Redlings, and the Flyers defeated the Meleons.

The Mar Sara Threat Agents host the Braxis Barracudas @9pm EsT

The Shake-up Inquisition host the Mar Sara Threat Agents @10pm EsT

Key Points:
ā€“ The Threat Agents will be playing a back to back game and hope to take 1st place with 2 wins

ā€“ The Barracudas hoping their peter will get them a win

Who Will Win:

Tonight is the night that the Proster Agents will take first place. Yes I predict that they will sweep tonight with their power.

The Mar Sara Threat Agents vs Braxis Barracudas – Threat Agents

The Shake-up Inquisition vs Mar Sara Threat Agents – Threat Agents

Predictions so far- 20 Correct 11 Wrong

Final words:

Double header? yes please. These are always fun to have during a week day. Be sure to tune in @ 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey to catch the action.