Week 5 Tuesday

There were no games on Monday… but after our 5th Sunday…

The Tarsonis City Tigers defeated the Char Meleons
The New Gettysburg Flyers defeated the Braxis Barracudas
The Zerus Redlings defeated the New Folsom Renegades

Tonight the Char Meleons host the New Gettysburg Flyers @ 9pm EST.

Key Points:
– Char Meleons looking for redemption after an internal confusion of scheduling

– The Flyers hoping that stay close in the playoff race with a win

Who Will Win:

As some of you may or may not know, a lot of the Meleons best players did not show up to the Sunday game because they thought they played at another time. So because of this I think they are hungry, and I predict the Char Meleons will win.

Also my first 100% prediction day was on Sunday, and I have made the comeback to 66.666666% correct again!

Predictions so far- 20 Correct 10 Wrong

Final words:

This hungry from Zachsmack and TK should be present. I expect this to be a good game anyways. Be sure to tune in @ 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey to catch the action.