Week 7 Friday

This is my first Friday preview im pretty pumped.

Last night…

The Tarsonis City tigers defeated the Braxis Barracudas, and the Braxis Barracuds beat the New Folsom Renegades.

Tonight…                                                                                                                  Home                                                                  Time (EST)                                                      Away

Key Points:
–Very important game for the Threat agents to push for 1st

– A must win game for the Flyers if they want to challenge for 5th place

Who Will Win:

Both coming in with very nice teams, but with a half working Proster and the Flyers hosting east… I think the Flyers will win this game

Predictions so far- 27 Correct 13 Wrong 

Final words:

Getting near the end of the regular season here, just a few games left homies! Be sure to tune in @ 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey to catch the action.